My Physical Training methods have been developed through my many years of experience and studies. Though currently based in Britain, I have travelled the world to service the needs of my international client base. From bases in the UK, Madrid and Monaco, I have trained drivers from those beginning the journey in Karting through to some of the best racing drivers at the pinnacle of motor-sport, Formula One.

Race engineers and designers work in detail to make a race car go faster. I apply the same principles to improving the performance of the human being who drives the car.

My approach is based on hard work and functional training with the ultimate aim of building physical and mental toughness into my racing drivers.  My mission is to always prepare my guys for the next level, so that if an opportunity arises, they are more than physically and mentally ready to take it. 

My objectives are always clear and not there to blind or impress with science for science-sake. Motor-racing can be a brutal place to work in and there should be no half- measures taken in any racing drivers preparation. As the saying goes: ” Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”

I fully understand the mentality and needs of a racing driver and the environment that they compete in. Whether you are an established driver in F1 or drive in any form of Motorsport , you need the correct bearings to help navigate you in your quest to achieve excellence.

With expert guidance anything is possible.

Gerry Convy