david coulthard training switzerland

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Hi everyone.

I recently travelled to Switzerland to work with David Coulthard. One of my Drivers, Alexander Sims, Autoport- McLaren Young Racing Driver of the Year, travelled with me.

We spent three days intensive training in the Swiss Alps to aid Alexander in his prepartion for his upcoming debut season in Euro F3. As always, Alexander was in top shape and performed exceptionally well up there.

DC was great company as usual and obviously an inspiration for a young up-and-coming driver such as Alexander.

DC is a tremendous professional and I was fortunate to be able to work with him at McLaren and a little bit towards the end of his time at Red Bull. He has set the benchmark for what is required to be a top Racing Driver, both in and out of the car. I am looking forward to seeing him perform on BBC Televsion, when the new F1 season starts in two weeks time in Australia. With DC, It will certainly be entertaining, full of insight and not without a little sardonic humour.

Until the next time, train hard and train intelligently.